SFM was established the year 1984, which gives us over 32 years in Broadcasting Industry.

The company started as Broadcast Equipment Manufacturer, then evolved into Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Radio/TV Stations & OB Vans

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50% of the equipment we install in Radio Stations we manufacturer in-house, & 48% is the products we represent in the Sub Saharan Africa Sound Fusion is a one stop shop, that provides all Broadcasting Solutions in-house

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Sound Fusion is Black Owned, and complies fully with the BEE principles
Key Members of Sound Fusion:

  • Managing Director: Mr Alex Mathaba
  • Technical Director: Mr Mike Collison
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    Partnering Companies


    Yellowtec is an award winning company with a think-tank approach to product development. By committing to a higher standard of engineering and design, our team creates innovative products for the Media Broadcast Industry.

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    Audio Video  Technologies

    AVT Audio Video Technologies manufacturers high-quality audio transmission products. The products are developed by the highly qualified development team and are contiously improved to the latest technical innovations

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    We’re musicians and broadcasters and audio engineers. We’re audio enthusiasts to the very core and we’re totally committed to an idea that we call the Wheatstone project.

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    Wharton Electronics Limited has manufactured electronic clocks and associated equipment for professional applications since 1975 and our products are in use in prestigious applications in over 250 countries and territories.

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    Studio Cast

    Studiocast offers turnkey video systems fully automated for your Radio Station. Make the video capture of your emissions or event easier, helped by an intelligent voice detector and analysis in real time.

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    WinMedia Group designs, develops and sells broadcast software solution and recording and distribution solutions.


    AETA Audio Systems is a leading international developer of portable sound recording units, mixers and advanced audio codecs, optimised for any kind of media and transmission infrastructure.

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    NETIA is a leading provider of software solutions that enable efficient management and delivery of content to todays full array of media platforms.

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    bw  Broadcast

    With over 30 years experience of developing broadcast transmitters, you can be assured we are committed to delivering you the latest technologies, with a dedication to making you the number one radio station in your market.

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    Schulze Brakel

    For well-known producers of microphones we produce windscreens in all possible sizes, for the smallest microphone to larger directional microphones.

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    Marian audio systems are Made in Germany quality products with a number of important and useful features, that reach beyond providing inputs and outputs only, thus really enable the usage in the professional field.

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